Swimwear Size Chart for Fashion Fish

Fashion Fish Size Charts

As the training swimwear is 100% chlorine Proof/ resistant, our designs are generally a small make.We recommend following the size chart and trying them on with clean dry underwear with TAGS STILL LEFT ON once you receive delivery. They may look bigger than what they are so it is important to they them on before returning them. If you are unsure or need assistance, please email us at sales@epicps.com.au.


Size Bust Waist Hips
4 53-58cm 48-51cm 56-61cm
6 58-63cm 51-54cm 61-66cm
8 63-68cm 54-57cm 66-71cm
10 68-73cm 57-60cm 71-76cm
12 73-78cm 60-63cm 76-81cm
14 78-83cm 63-66cm 81-86cm
16 83-88cm 66-69cm 86-91cm


Size Bust Waist Hips
8 83-88cm 66-69cm 86-91cm
10 88-93cm 69-73cm 91-96cm
12 93-98cm 73-79cm 96-101cm
14 98-103cm 79-83cm 101-106cm
16 103-108cm 83-89cm 106-111cm


Size Hips
4 52-56cm
6 56-60cm
8 60-64cm
10 65-70cm
12 69-74cm
14 73-78cm
16 79-84cm
18 83-88cm